Resilient Communities

What are Resilient Communities?

We are leading a new Resilient Communities Initiative to enable communities to better prepare, organise and respond to emergency situations such as severe weather, fire, power failure or other major incidents.

How it works

The initiative helps communities develop expertise and put in place Resilient Community Plans which will make them better prepared to cope with emergencies, in a way which compliments the response of emergency responders.

These plans are implemented by Resilient Community Teams - groups of volunteers who have joined together in local areas to assist in emergency situations.

We provide assistance with set up, the development of plans, appropriate insurance cover, basic manual equipment (such as snow shovels, square shovels, safety equipment etc). First aid training is also provided free of charge by the British Red Cross.

If you would like more information about the initiative please contact the Emergency Planning team online or by calling 0300 100 1800.

What are the benefits of Resilient Community teams?

Local community councils and individuals who are prepared and able to respond effectively can deal with local issues such as:

  • Clearing snow from pathways of people who are unable to do it themselves
  • Placing sandbags in risk areas to prevent flooding
  • Placing domestic flood gates into position
  • Delivering supplies during severe weather to those most in need
  • Providing hot meals within community centres/village halls